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Facial Treatments

Physcian Procedures

Administered by the physician, Botox® injections prevent and decrease furrows and wrinkles in the forehead and brow. Prices vary from individual to individual depending upon the amount of Botox® needed, and costs can be determined in consult with Dr. Tesi.

Juvederm® Juvederm® is an injectable dermal filler that can erase deep wrinkles or plump out depressions in the skin. Dr. Tesi performs the injection under local anesthetic. The price is $480 per 1 ml syringe.


The peeling agents we use dissolve and lift the surface layer of cells, bringing new skin cells to the surface. Each peel reveals a younger, smoother skin surface. A series of these treatments will improve skin’s texture , even tone, and improve sun damage. Peels are physician supervised.

Initial Physician Consultation 
$50 initial consultation  fee can be applied towards products purchased on the same visit.

Lactic Peel                                 $80
Series of4 Lactic Peels               $290

Glycolic Peel                              $80
Series of 4 Glycolic Peels           $290

Salicylic Peel                               $125
Series of 4 Salicylic Peels           $450

Add A Multivitamin Freeze Mask
Excellent for soothing and moisturizing skin.                                              $10

RSL Peel
Is an aggressive peel, the results from a RSL peel are much faster, but do involve a small amount of “down time”. You can expect noticeably smoother, younger skin as soon as peeling is done and recovery is complete (about a week). The physician will consult with you and determine if this peel is right for you.

First RSL Peel
(includes Biophora® kit for post eel care)                                              $275

Subsequent RSL Peel                   $225

RSL Mini Peel                              $125

Microdermabrasion uses a physical agent to exfoliate and stimulate the skin. A great way to buff away fine lines. Microdermabrasion is also physician supervised.

Microderm Single Treatment
(Face only)                                  $85

Series of 5 Microderm Treatments 
(face only)                                   $350

Microderm Single Treatment
(Face, neck, and décolleté)         $125

Series of 5 Microderm Treatments
(Face, neck, and décolleté)         $500

FACIAL                                       $75
face will feel polished and soothed after an hour pampering. A sumptuous treat on its own, it’s also a perfect complement to the physician supervised treatments.


Extended version of the relaxing facial, which includes all the same luxuries, as well as a foot soak and scrub, and scalp massage. 80 minute service.

A 40 minute facial that leaves your skin clean and refreshed. Great for touch-up exfoliation between peels!

BACK FACIAL                            $50

Relaxing back treatment including cleansing, exfoliation, mask, light massage,and hot aromatherapy towels to open pores.
MINI FACIAL                             $50
A 45 minute deep cleansing facial with massage. Great experience for first time clients!

DERMAPLANE                           $100

Dermaplaning is designed for skin exfoliation and removal of fine, vellus facial hairs. It is an excellent alternative or complement to microdermabrasion and chemical peels because it removes a layer of dead skin cells. This treatment also helps with absorption of skin care products to increase firmness and elasticity, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. When your facial hairs start to grow back in, they will not grow in more coarse.The treatment lasts between 4-6 weeks, depending on hair growth.



If this will be your first time waxing, our esthetician will consult with you before the procedure. Charges for first time waxing may be higher than the list price. After the initial treatment, lower maintance charges apply.

Brow Upkeep                       $10
Brow Tint                             $15 

Brow Design & Tint            $20
Lash Tint                              $15

Lash Wave                           $35

Upper lip                               $8

Chin                                       $8
Cheek                                     $8 

Half Face (lip, chin, cheek)        $20 

Underarm                               $20

Half Arm                                $25

Full Arm                                $40 
Bikini                                     $30

Modified Bikini                     $40 

Full Brazilian                         $60

Upper/lower leg                     $40 

Full leg                                   $55

   Light                                     $30
   Heavy                                   $50 
Body hair must be trimmed to 1/4-inch long prior to waxing.

*Now Offering Laser Services.  Call for details and pricing  on Skin Treatments & Hair Removal .

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